Scottish Innovation at Strathclyde

Will the next great innovation be uncovered at R&D Management Conference 2021?

The University of Strathclyde has a strong ethos of Innovation. As the ‘Place of Useful Learning’ we are the perfect host for the first virtual R&D Management Conference, 2021, exploring the theme Innovation in an Era of Disruption. Innovating with impact makes us leaders of innovation in Scotland – and as Scotland is a country of Innovators, that is really saying something! Have a look at just some of the great innovations to come from Scotland….

1781 - The first modern Steam Engine, James Watt

1823 - The process for making Waterproof Garments, Charles Macintosh

1860  Fingerprint Identification, Dr Henry Faulds

1865 - Antiseptic Practice in Theatre, Lord Joseph Lister

1876 - The first Spoken Sentence via Electricity (Telephone), Alexander Graham Bell

1877 - The first Bone Graft, Sir William Macewen

1881 - One of the first Houses to be lit by Electricity, Sir William Thomson, Lord Kelvin

1887 - The World’s first Windmill for Electricity, Professor James Blyth

1888 - The Caesarean Section under modern Antiseptic Conditions, Professor Murdoch Cameron

1896 - The world’s first X-Ray Department, Dr John McIntyre

1926 - The world’s first Antibiotic Penicillin, Sir Alexander Fleming

1927 -  The world’s first long-distance Television Pictures, John Logie Baird

1957 - Interferon for the treatment of Viral Infections, Alick Isaacs

1958 - The first Ultrasound System for clinical purposes, Ian Donald and Tom Brown

1966 - Salbutamol (Ventolin) treatment for Asthma, Sir David Jack

1966 - Automated Telling Machine (ATM) and Personal Identification Number (PIN), James Goodfellow

1974 - The Glasgow Coma Scale (GSC), Sir Graham Teasdale and Bryan Jennett

1978 - In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), Professor Sir Robert Edwards

1991 - The world’s first Cervical Cancer Vaccine, Professor Ian Frazer

2013 -  The world’s first fully regulated trial of Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke Victims, Professor Keith Muir


We are very proud that this list includes some former Strathclyders. More recently, The University of Strathclyde’s innovations have included: Light Based Communications Technology for 5G communications, photonics, quantum technologies and physics; Blood Salvage Technology to allow blood lost in surgery to be transferred back to the patient; Battlefield Treatment Technique to reduce the need for amputations, and Intelligent Drill and Navigation System for Orthopaedic Surgery to significantly improve implant surgery.

Maybe the next great innovation will be uncovered at R&D Management Conference 2021. You don’t want to miss it - Registration is now open!


Professor Beverly Wagner

Dr Juliette Wilson

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    Scottish Innovation at Strathclyde

    Will the next great innovation be uncovered at R&D Management Conference 2021?

    Read this short blog to explore Scotland's impressive history of innovation and how this is embedded in everything we do at the University of Strathclyde. 

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