Innovation in an Era of Disruption


The honour of hosting the 40th Anniversary R&D Management Conference was awarded to Strathclyde University in recognition of our research excellence and internationally-leading reputation for innovation and business engagement. Held in our new Technology & Innovation Centre in the heart of Glasgow, this is the University’s first cross-faculty conference between Strathclyde Business School, Engineering and Science. 


The theme of R&D Management 2021 is “Innovation in an Era of Disruption.” The Coronavirus pandemic of 2019-2020 shook the world, as key industry sectors collapsed, supply chains fractured, workplaces shut down, social distancing and quarantine limited freedom of movement. A perfect storm highlighting global economic, business and societal disparities.  Crises are threatening as old rules are broken but they create opportunities often accelerating new ways of doing and thinking.  This means exploring forces of change, challenging the status quo and mental models.  The R&D Management Conference, 2021, provides a forum for innovation experts from academe and industry to come together and debate a wide range of topics surrounding innovation management, such as technology, business models, processes, practices, leadership, culture and strategy and many others related to “Innovation in an Era of Disruption.”


Welcome to the University of Strathclyde, venue for the R&D Management 40th Anniversary Conference at the University of Strathclyde.

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Key Dates


We are delighted to confirm dates for R&D Management Conference 2021, University of Strathclyde:

Doctoral Colloquium Monday 5th and Tuesday 6 July, Strathclyde Business School

Main Conference Wednesday 7th – Friday 9th July, Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC)

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We are committed to making R&D Management Conference 2021 environmentally friendly. Stay tuned for updates to see what we are doing and find out how you can help.