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R&D Management Conference is delighted to be offering a number of interactive sessions intended to maximise outputs from the conference and beyond. We are promoting Special Issues for Industry and Innovation, R&D Management, Supply Chain Management: an International Journal and World Patent InformationFull details can be found below.

We also look forward to welcoming rich insights from a number of leading Journal Editors across a series of interactive Meet the Editor Workshops and meeting book authors to discuss current R&D topics in the Wiley Book Club. Full details of these can be found here


Special Issues

Industry and Innovation

A forthcoming special issue surrounding Corporate Start-Ups and Collaborations is being promoted through the conference track of the same name. 

Guest Editors: Ferran Giones and Bram Timmermans

Further information to follow. 

Industry and Innovation
R&D Management Journal
R&D Management Journal

Intellectual Capital and R&D management

This special issue aims to unveil how Intellectual Capital (IC) is related to R&D Management, R&D projects, and R&D operations. Papers submitted to the special issue should demonstrate an understanding of the main streams in the relevant academic literature, including the role played by appropriability, absorptive capacity, and human resources, as well as the IC peculiarities of innovation networks or ecosystems. Perspectives on issues such as IC – innovation connection, IC disclosure or generating IC, as seen in the context of R&D Management, R&D projects, and R&D operations, will be particularly welcomed. We are interested in studies that are theoretically grounded. Therefore, conceptual papers that develop theory are also welcomed in addition to rigorous empirical studies conducted with accustomed, or more novel methodologies. 

This special issue is promoted through the conference track Intellectual Capital and R&D Management.

Places and Spaces of Collaborative R&D and Innovation: Physical, Virtual and Cognitive contexts

The guest editors are looking for scholarly contributions to collaborative R&D and innovation, using qualitative, quantitative, and conceptual approaches. In particular, the special issue editors encourage submissions that shed light on places and spaces in physical, virtual and cognitive contexts enabling collaborative R&D and innovation activities.

Alongside these Special Issues, R&D Management are looking forward to seeing all papers submitted to the conference and would welcome papers for additional R&D topics. 

Supply Chain Management: an International Journal

The forthcoming special issue 'Supply Chain Innovation in an Era of Disruption: Mitigating Future Shocks' is aligned with the conference theme and welcomes relevant empirical papers across all tracks.  

Guest Editors: Juliette Wilson & Natalie McDougall 

Supply Chain Management: an International Journal
World Patent Information
World Patent Information

The Management of Intellectual Property in Times of Rapid Institutional Change

This special issue explores the management of intellectual property (IP) in times of substantial institutional change. The Corona crisis, climate change, fast digitalization, and migration are examples of developments that have been challenging current institutional set-ups and arrangements of late. They are going to impact IP management profoundly in many different ways. The special issue aims to shed light on recent, particularly qualitative research in this area.

The motivation for this special issue goes back to the “IP Management” track of the 2021 R&D Management Conference. Especially, although not exclusively, authors from this track are encouraged to submit their work for the special issue.

Guest Editors: Martin Bader, Frank Tietze & Alfred Radauer 

Join us at The Wiley Book Club!


We are excited to announce, for the first time, The Wiley Book Club! We will be working with Wiley Business to offer a really exciting opportunity to meet book authors and discuss current R&D topics.


Innovation Under the Radar, Xiaolan Fu

Thursday 8th July 0730

Xiaolan Fu (傅晓岚) is the Founding Director of the Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD), Professor of Technology and International Development and Fellow of Green Templeton College. Xiaolan will be introducing her book 'Innovation Under the Radar' and discussing the nature, drivers and sources of innovation in Africa, drawing on almost a decade of research. 


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