Calling all PhD Students!

The Doctoral Colloquium of the R&D Management Conference 2021 will be held on 6 July 2021. This online event, which will run in a vibrant manner, provides a great opportunity for Doctoral students to meet both peers and leading academics in different areas of R&D research. The workshop style of the event will enable students not only to receive customized feedback on their work from established researchers in the field, but also to discuss their research, ideas, and questions with their peers in a friendly environment.

The interactive nature of the Colloquium will allow students to read each other’s work prior to the event  and  act  as  a  respondent  to  critique  each  other’s work and suggest action points for improvement. The mentoring scheme of the event will particularly create an inspiring environment where,  under the  guidance  of  academic  mentors, students  will  work  together in  small  groups  to develop certain knowledge and skills related competences.

In sum, the Colloquium offers the following benefits to Doctoral students:

  • Participation is free
  • Access fore-sighting of emerging R&D trends for research and publication success
  • Present your doctoral research to peers
  • Receive feedback from senior researchers in the field
  • Develop and fine-tune your research question
  • Reduced main conference rate (£50) open to all participating Doctoral students

Doctoral Colloquium Chairs

Dr Aliakbar Jafari

Dr Lawrence Dooley

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    Calling all PhD Students!

    Ali and Lawrence are working hard to make sure the Doctoral Colloquium offers a vibrant and exiciting opportunity for PhD students. Read their blog here to see why you should join!

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