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Enabling technologies and product customisation

Different technologies are increasingly allowing businesses to offer customised products in a way that goes beyond modular customisation. In fact, new technologies-backed smart systems can capture user preferences and convert them into user-specific data, which can be used to obtain individualised products, without any direct intervention from the users.


In this track, we welcome contributions exploring how emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) can help in achieving the full potential of product customisation and fulfilling the exact needs of users. We wish to open the avenues on how technologies can emerge as a key enabler for effective product customisation. This track theme will focus on, but will not be limited to, questions such as:


-          What strategic shifts are required to bring this technology-driven customisation into the mainstream of product design and development?

-          What challenges do different technologies for product customisation create in a technology-driven mass customisation system?

-          What role do behavioural and economic factors such as money, data, and time play in establishing technology-driven mass customisation systems? How?  

-          What is the role of different technologies in achieving product customisation? How should these be measured: which metrics and KPIs?

-          With the technology-driven automated systems for customisation, the user’s role will change from being an active participant in human-driven product customisation to a passive beneficiary. How do users feel about this shift?


  • Letizia Mortara 

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